Turn your computer and monitor off when not in use

This can save a lot of energy and contrary to common belief, frequently turning your computer and monitor off to save energy will not shorten the life of the computer/monitor due to advances in technology.

Passive Cooling

"Passive cooling" includes ways of cooling your home without using the excessive electricity associated with air-conditioning.

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Energy savings in warmer camps

Here are some energy tips for the spring and summer.


If you use air conditioning, a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about 4°F with no reduction in comfort. Turn off ceiling fans when you leave the room. Remember that fans cool people, not rooms, by creating a wind chill effect.

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Cumberland Municipal Electric Utility has filed an application with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) to decrease electric rates.


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New law protects utility customers’ privacy

Wisconsin’s municipally owned utilities protect customer information as required by Public Service Commission rules. However, because they are public entities, some have received requests for municipal utility customer information under the state’s open records law. By contrast, customers of investor-owned utilities in the state, which are not subject to the open records law, have clear protection of their information under the PSC rules.

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Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

We are pleased to present tio you the 2012 annual quality water report. This report is designed to inform you about the quality water and services we deliver to your home every day.


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Lawn Watering


With summer around the corner, lawn watering season begins. Here are some tips to water your lawn efficiently.

When should I water my lawn?

You should water your lawn before 10 AM or after 6 PM to prevent rapid evaporation of water. This will ensure your lawn gets the most water most efficiently.

How often should I water my lawn?

It is recommended that you water your lawn no more than twice per week. This will help your lawn grow deeper roots that are more water efficient and drought resistant. This is for more well-established lawns. Newer lawns and potted plants may require more frequent watering.

How much should I water my lawn?

This depends on your soil make-up. It is generally recommended that you do not water more than one inch per week. A bit more during dryer, hot spells. A little less during cooler times.

Water Saving Tips
1368125228_glob2-icon-481. Take short showers instead of baths.
2,.Install low-flow shower heads.
3. Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes.

Tips on using online bill pay

Idea The utility bills are sent out around the 10th of each month and due by the end of the month. If paying online, we advise our customers to set up their payment to be no sooner than 15th and no later than the 27th. This is because our billing cycle is not always complete before the 15th and paying before the 27th will guarantee time for it to be put into our system.

Residential Programs

Reference the Residential Programs page to see about rebates and rewards on everything from insulating your attic to recycling your old refrigerator.

Hoover Dam Facts

Electricity from the dam's powerhouse was originally sold pursuant to a fifty-year contract, authorized by Congress in 1934, which ran from 1937 to 1987. In 1984, More >>

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